The Best Course on Facebook Ads - If you have ever wanted to learn Facebook Ads easily, this course is for you! 

You will learn everything you need to get started on Facebook Ads. You will learn the about the following:

  • What is Facebook Advertising?
  • Why Facebook Advertising?
  • How to Set up Your First Facebook Ad campaign?
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Ad campaigns( Increased Conversions & Leads)
  • Setting Up your Facebook Ad campaign with a Realistic Budget
  • Setting up Your First Campaign and Fan page
  • Setting up Your First Ad set
  • Set up More than one ad for A/B testing and monitor for effectiveness
  • Scaling up Your Facebook Ad budget if the Ad is converting
  • Creating Your Custom and Lookalike Audiences

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Who is this workshop for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Facebook Ads
  • Anyone who needs to improve their business with Facebook Ads

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